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Devon Breithart, Dynamic School OT

- Hire a Social Media Manager to Create Engaging Online Content and Build Your Brand

Devon received her M.S. in Occupational Therapy from Spalding University in 2015. Clinically, Devon has worked in a variety of settings, including outpatient pediatrics, early intervention, adult day programs, skilled nursing, & home health. In 2018, she began the exciting journey of travel therapy and discovered her passion for working in the public school system. Beyond clinical practice, Devon has been a freelance writer since 2017 and has devoted these skills to supporting other OTs through writing test prep questions, blog posts, and website copy. Eventually, this business grew and Devon's scope shifted to social media & marketing management for other therapy entrepreneurs, especially those working in the online space. In 2020, Devon launched her own online product - The Dynamic School OT, a virtual, self-paced course for school-based OTs. Using her previous experience in social media and marketing, Devon was able to generate over $57,000 in revenue in the first year of this product. In her personal time, Devon enjoys board games, hunting down great restaurants, and exploring cities on foot.

Raheema Hemraj & Lauren Sheehan, Rehab Tech Summit

Tech Tools to Help you Automate Business, Save Time, & Make More Money as an OT Entrepreneur

Raheema Hemraj is an Occupational Therapist and Gerontologist with a speciality in falls prevention. She has over 15 years of experience working with older adults to promote successful aging-in-place and is trained in multiple evidence-based falls prevention programs. She is also the founder of Grips+Gadgets, a company which seeks to connect healthtech startups with rehab professionals. As its principal health technology consultant, she has worked with multiple companies to ensure their clinical relevance as they build products to support older adults. Currently, she also provides group and home-based falls education through Stanford Health Care’s Farewell to Falls program. Raheema has a passion for preventative healthcare, utilizing technology to improve health outcomes, and enabling people of all ages to pursue their chosen life activities.

Lauren Sheehan is the current Clinical and Product Manager with Neurolutions, Inc. Lauren has held clinical roles in outpatient neuro-rehabilitation for over a decade as well as administrative roles in clinic management. She is a founding member of the American Congress of Rehab Medicine's Clinical Managers Task Force, supporting clinicians in industry roles in rehabilitation medicine. Lauren also serves as the Productive Aging Special Interest Section Technology Coordinator for the American Occupational Therapy Association and runs the Non-Clinical Tech focused Meet-Up in the Bay Area. Lauren is an Adjunct Faculty Member at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, CA, where she teaches Administration and Management and Community Practice Lab.

Lauren's proudest professional moment was speaking at CES with other leaders in the healthtech space and in her spare time she enjoys singing karaoke and dancing hip hop (although not particularly well). 


Jenny Gill, Jenny Gill Copywriting

Leveraging SEO to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Find New Customers

I’m convinced that OT-led businesses have incredible things to offer – and copywriting is the perfect tool for amplifying the OT voice. I own Jenny Gill Copywriting, where I’ve found my passion in combining OT knowledge and heart with copywriting savvy to help clients share their value-aligned message. Whether it’s through email, blogs, websites, or sales pages – a dash of copywriting is a difference-maker for growing your community, impact, and bottom line.

My business allows me to do meaningful work while also finding life balance and schedule flexibility. I appreciate the simple stuff like being home for Christmas break with my two kids or heading outside on a sunny day to enjoy Michigan woods with my husband. Even though I no longer practice as an OT, copywriting has only expanded my love for the profession as I’m continually inspired by the amazing OTs around the world.

Courtney Smith, The Office On Call

Email Marketing Strategies to Help You Connect with Ideal Clients and Turn Them into Paying Customers

Hi, I'm Courtney - a Nutella-addicted, travel-loving, yogi poser who ventured into entrepreneurship during lockdown 2020. As an OT turned copywriter, I help healthcare entrepreneurs like yourself sell products and services online through non-sleazy email campaigns. Together, we develop your direct marketing strategy that attracts, nurtures, and converts leads from your website and social media accounts on auto-pilot. I have a passion for reclaiming clinicians' autonomy from "big insurance" and would love to discuss how your business can thrive online!

Melissa LaPointe, Melissa LaPointe Consulting

Choosing the Best Digital Product to Diversify Revenue Streams in your Business

Melissa is an online business strategist, coach and course creator. Based out of B.C., Canada, she's location independent and helps therapists around the world to grow relationship-based businesses in the online space. Her programs and resources are designed to help practitioners be more strategic with their time, more focused with their energy and more confident with their numbers when building online revenue streams.

Kristen Goodrich, Ready Set Treat!

Starting a Solo Private Practice to Control Your Own Time and Money

I graduated from Boston University in 2003 and have been practicing since; I've worked in so many settings, from early intervention to rehab facilities and SNFs and have finally landed where I'm meant to be. I've always felt the most creative and happy when I'm working in 2 completely separate settings, and have carved out a space where I can do just that.

I opened a solo pediatric OT practice in 2015, and started Ready, Set, Treat! in late 2019 with my colleague and friend Susie Curtis, LCMHC who is a mental health counselor. Together, we wrote the Ready, Set, Treat! Pocket Guide on how to start a therapy practice, and cover everthing from registering with the state to credentialing & billing to marketing (available on Amazon). We also run a free Facebook group called Ready, Set, Treat Academy that's best suited for entrepreneurs who are just starting out or are still in the dreaming phase. In addition to the Academy, we have a private, paid Facebook group called Ready, Set, Grow for established practices; in that group we offer monthly guest speakers, Q&A sessions, and various "Hot Topics" per our members' needs.

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Meghan Fox, Woo Therapy

Starting a Financially-Profitable Product Based Business

I'm Meghan Fox, a school-based Occupational Therapist for 11 years who couldn't fathom maintaining the hustle and bustle of working for a district for the rest of my life. Jumping between daily sessions and never-ending assessments, long, contentious IEP meetings, and the countless frustrations from administrators--I knew there had to be something more for me. School-based OT has been a great jumping-off point for me which sparked the idea for my product WooTape and company WooTherapy,  but my heart and desired lifestyle is definitely more in line with being an entrepreneurial dreamer and doer. I live in Southern California with my husband, 2 boys (3 and 5 years old) and my sweet boxer pup, Layla, but I have deep Midwestern roots. And a few of my favorite things are my spirituality, Disneyland, lake life, and potatoes in any form!

Instagram is where I connect with people @WooTherapy. I also have a blog, and you can find me on Pinterest @Wootherapy

Carlyn Neek, Balance Works OT

Mindset Strategies for Moving Through Fear and Embracing Challenges as an OT Entrepreneur

Carlyn is a Canadian occupational therapist and personal development coach. An OT since 2003 and in private practice since 2007, she is focused mainly on providing mental health services to adults. She has translated many of the skills from her mental health experience into a coaching practice more recently and has been successfully working diligently on expanding her reach to serve helping professionals (mostly OTs) internationally.

Reina Olivera, Telehealth OT Services

Sales Are NOT Sleazy: How to Feel Fabulous About Selling Your Services or Products to Customers

Dr. Reina Olivera is the owner of Telehealth OT Services. Her business started as a cash-based pediatric private practice. Since COVID, Reina has transitioned into helping occupational therapists start and grow their telehealth or hybrid practices. She focuses on the logistics of getting started with technology all the way to marketing and sales to obtain new clients.

Cheryl Crow, My Arthritis Life

Creating Video Content to Build Connections and Grow Your Business in the Online Space


Cheryl Crow is an occupational therapist who’s lived with rheumatoid arthritis for eighteen years. In 2019, Cheryl created the educational company Arthritis Life to educate, empower and support others with inflammatory forms of arthritis. She is known for her entertaining yet educational videos featuring arthritis life hacks, product demonstrations, and insights into the psychosocial aspects of life with invisible chronic illness. She also hosts the Arthritis Life Podcast and runs online self-management courses and a membership community called Rheum to THRIVE.

Cheryl is a fierce advocate for meeting the full picture of patients’ needs beyond joint pain. She’s an active volunteer with the Arthritis Foundation, American College of Rheumatology, and the American Occupational Therapy Association


Laura Park Figueroa, Mind Your OT Business & Outdoor Kids OT

Co-Host of the OT Entrepreneur Summit & Business Coach inside the Private OTE Summit Facebook Community.

Trish Williams - Trish Williams Consulting and OTs Get Paid

Co-Host of the OT Entrepreneur Summit & Business Coach inside the Private OTE Summit Facebook Community.