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Trish Williams

I always knew I wanted a career in a helping field, but wasn’t sure what direction to take. So while teaching adapted aquatics alongside an OT, I asked, "What do you do exactly?" - I found my new focus. The entry requirements to all the OT programs in Canada went above my desk (remember cork boards?) for the rest of my undergrad career. 

I have now been an Occupational Therapist for over 25 years. I hold my BA (Kinesiology) 1991, University of Western Ontario; BHScOT 1994, McMaster University, Occupational Therapy. I was a Professional Associate and Admissions Committee Member, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, McMaster University, 2001-2004; and am currently an Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta (2011-current). I am also one of the founding faculty of the Calgary Campus for the U of A Department of Occupational Therapy. 

In 2014 I started Spring Occupational Therapy, a pediatric multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinic, which was born out of my desire to provide a boutique, high touch experience for families and kids with sensory needs. I grew the company with over 60% of revenue coming from private pay clients. Our team grew to over 7 staff, and grossed in the mid 6 figures in our last year of full operations, when we shifted to a much smaller business model in 2020. Professionally, I am proudest of making the switch from therapist to CEO, and I embrace that role by now providing the same high-end client experience, once reserved solely for my therapy families, to OT entrepreneurs as a business coach. My niche is helping OTs who know they need to move from hustle to scaling, in order to find more time to grow their business, make more money and create bigger impact. 

Most importantly, I am a mother to two glorious teens and a devoted sister and aunt. I reside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but my summer heart lives in Muskoka, Ontario, where I spend July by the lake surrounded by my people. 

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Laura Park Figueroa

I’ve been an OT for over 20 years! But back in 2013, I was BURNED OUT. I debated leaving the field of OT altogether.

Until I remembered a dream I once had.  While volunteering as a backpacking guide in college, I had gazed at a vast landscape from a mountaintop and thought: “Someday I’ll combine my work as an OT with my love of the outdoors.”

Once I remembered this dream, the path out of my burnout became crystal clear.

In 2015, I founded Outdoor Kids OT, a nature-based pediatric private practice. The business quickly grew with me working part-time while also teaching in an OT doctorate program. I created the ConTiGO Approach (Connection & Transformation in the Great Outdoors) to help other pediatric therapists take their work outdoors. In 2020, we launched the ConTiGO Approach Online Course and have now trained over 50 therapists from around the world. You can get a sneak peek in my book.

In 2019, OKOT grossed $161k with a profit margin of 20%. I'm even more proud to say the business weathered 2020 with close to the same revenue and a 5% profit margin. This was mainly due to our rapid pivot into launching online products to support therapists, which generated over $74,000 in online revenue alone in 2020.

As I fell in love with all things entrepreneurship, I started the Mind Your OT Business podcast to help OT practitioners become savvy & successful entrepreneurs by learning from one another. 

In 2020, after several years as a business coach, I launched my Business Bedrocks group coaching program to help therapist entrepreneurs set up SYSTEMS in their businesses in the areas of mindset, operations, finances, and marketing.

One of my greatest joys in life is helping OT business owners overcome our inferiority complexes and have clarity and confidence to run thriving businesses that serve us and others.

After 14 years living in Northern California, my family and I just relocated to Madison, Wisconsin to be closer to family. So I'm re-connecting with my Midwestern roots, slowing down a bit, and enjoying the bucolic woods right outside the door of our new home.

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